A new look, and Gatsby V2

Published: 09 Sep 2018
Reading time: 1 min

I am happy to finally launch the newest iteration of my personal site, iammatthias.com. I first moved to GatsbyJS + Contentful + Netlify in early 2018, happily scrapping the site I had built using Hugo. Build with Gatsby was a treat, the documentation is fantastic and the community is extremely responsive. I was really happy with how the site came together, but it was lacking a few things I wanted — like a blog, and a tagging scheme. When I got to implementing those features, Gatsby V2 was on the horizon. I tabled the project, waiting for the Beta to progress throughout the summer. Once it reached RC stage, I got to work. New design, new features, new everything.

It was a lot of work getting to this point. But as with all personal sites that exist as passion projects, it is itterative. I'm sure things will change around here again soon.