An Almost Web3 Guestbook

Published: 4/6/2021

Since February I have taken a dive into StyleGans, created a pointless token that no one should use for anything ever, and launched my first set of NFTs on Foundation.

It has been a fun Web3 filled ride. And the fun continues with a guestbook!

Here is how it all started—

I'll be honest, at this point I had no idea what I was doing.

I came across Abhi Aiyer's article Exploring Moralis — Web3 Authentication and things started falling into place. Just had one little hiccup involving the lack of default polyfills in Webpack5, and then I was off.

After using it for this project, I really like Moralis. Off the shelf it provides Web3 authentication, a JSON store, and cloud functions. The team is also incredibly responsive, and happy to help out if you get stuck. Fingers crossed for WalletConnect support sometime soon.

The guestbook is now live, and can be signed by anyone using a Web3 enabled browser.

Update 07/30/2021

Now with WalletConnect ✌️