When I updated my site to Gatsby V2, and overhauled the layout, I knew I wanted to update the color palette. At the time, it was an assortment of colors that looked nice next to each other in the coolors.co web app, but it wasn't any special.

I spent some time going over different colors. I knew I wanted to limit it to 5 total—something light, something dark, and some accents. I spent hours going over different hues, looking at their shades and tones. Hours turned into days, days into weeks, and soon this had become a months-spanning project. Eventually it all came together. There was just something about it—something I just couldn't put my finger on. Then it hit me.

palette Palette

Yeah. CMYK.

paletteMonochrome Palette — Monochrome

I'm definitly keeping my monochrome palette.

paletteMoonstoneBlue Palette — MoonstoneBlue

This is good.

paletteTartOrange Palette — TartOrange

So is this.

paletteSelectiveYellow palette — SelectiveYellow

Here is the odd one out. The shades and tints just begin to look a bit like slightly off mustard. I'll revisit this at a later date—for the time being #fcba04 is not bad itself. I might just drop the variants, since it's just an accent color for the site.

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