Exploring ERC721 smart contracts

Published: 9/3/2021

Over the last week or so Loot Project has popped up everywhere in the Web3 space. Countless derivitives and clones have entered the scene as well, along with various pieces of gated content like Adventure Gold.

The whole thing was kicked off by @dhof, and snowballed faster than anyone expected. It's been amazing to watch unfold.

I've been wanting to explore ERC721 contracts for awhile, and the LOOT contract seemed like a great place to start. And it was!

With it, I started a new project that I have dubbed ALCHEMICAL. It is a silly riff on the Adventure Loot concept, a digital apothecary for the web3 adventurer. It you're curious, more infomation will be shared about the project over on Twitter: @AlchemicalLoot