On Foundation

Published: 3/11/2021


I minted my first NFT today.

NFTs, actually. Five of them. They're up on Foundation. And one is listed for sale! If you bid on it, it might just be yours: Ocean Dreams, 1 of 5 — Series 1

These five NFTs comprise Series 1 of Ocean Dreams, an evolving set of images exploring 『 unreal 』 depictions of a very real ocean. These images were created using a machine learning model generated from my collection of drone phone photography shot on the coast in California, Hawaii, and Mexico.

It has been a real joy to work on this project. The process gave a new perspective on images I had shot in the past, and taught me new skills that I am excited to delve into in the future.

Right off the bat I was met with some amazing positivity from the community. Moment paid me an amazing compliment, and then shl0ms promoted my work in their curated NFT telegram group.

I've got the biggest grin on my face from all of this.

Update 03/12/2021

All five NFT's from Ocean Dreams are now listed on Foundation!