While we're at it...

Published: 5/29/2021

We just finished a monumental project that saw our houses electrical system gutted and redone, revealed a mix of drywall and plaster walls, and added an HVAC system. Along the way we quoted our floors, the kitchens, both bathrooms, and solar. Lots to plan for future projects.

The electrical and HVAC projects allowed "While we're at it..." to slip in to multiple conversations. Our house is now blanketed with Meross switches, dimmers, and outlets, an Ecobee 3 smart thermostat is controlling the climate, and an Apple TV is tying the whole thing together as a central hub.

Slowly building out various scenes and automations. A few simple ones to start—set the lights just so right before sunset, and make sure everything is off right before bed. Some geofenced climate control. Etc.

I think I'll add a Logitech Circle Doorbell next.