I grew up on sourdough. Living near San Francisco we always had a reliable supply of sourdough available. Boules, baguettes, batards, the occasional sandwich loaf—we had it all. And it was delicious.

Two months after our daughter was born I started developing my own sourdough starter. It was a process, rife with trial and error. But with a little persistence, it paid off.

If you're interested in going down this road yourself, check out The Perfect Loaf.

After seven days of work, and one sub-par early attempt at a loaf, I had my starter. And I named it Fred.

Fred has now been with us since February 25th, 2020, and with luck will be with us for a long while. We've baked a lot of bread already, and a few fun little projects here and there like cinnamon buns an babkas. Here's a collection of image selects from along the way.

The First Loaf

I made this with an immature starter, and it did not rise.


Muffins, flapjacks, cinnamon buns, and babkas.

The First Good Loafs

My first great batches of bread. These were a joy to devour.

The Turning Point

Recently I crossed a threshold with my bread, and the results have been phenomenal.