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2022 was weird

Things have been weird since COVID started, but 2022 really just had a way about it.

It started simply. My daughter turned 2 right before the New Year, and there was a general elation in the air.

And then…

A family medical emergency required a last minute trip to Chicago to say goodbye.

A run to the mountains to deliver an emergency supply of wood to the family cabin.

A tropical vacation, and my daughters first time on a plane.

A loss — one of the family dogs, a good boy.

A promotion into the engineering org, from marketing.

A blistering job hunt that extended with every major tech layoff.

A surprise—the baby we planned for is twins.

A birthday, 32 years around the sun.

A holiday blitz, hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas in a house we have outgrown.

And now 2023 is on the cusp. My daughter turned 3 right before the New Year, and there is a general elation in the air.

2022 was weird. Lots of joy, lots of grief. Lots of lessons. Weird is a strange middle ground where life happens in abundance.

I’m sure 2023 will be weird as well.

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