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2022: Best Albums

Weird year. As it comes to a close, lets take a look at some stand out albums released in 2022 that found their way into my library.

1. Asphalt Meadows, Death Cab for Cutie

Like coffee with an old friend. Transatlanticism, Plans, and Narrow Stairs provided an auditory backdrop to a formative period of my life. Asphalt Meadows carries it forward, with noisy existential bombast.

2. Being Funny in a Foreign Language, The 1975

Soothing mellow pop that skirts experimentalism and delivers in a knowingly familiar way.

3. Harry’s House, Harry Styles

Harry Styles continues to be remarkable. The former One Direction star once again delivers pop that soothes the soul, and croons to the shared human experience.

4. Olly Olly, Penny & Sparrow

I first came across Penny & Sparrow when they opened for Josh Ritter while promoting FINCH. It was love at first listen. Such a hauntingly beautiful sound, bubbling over with passion.

5. V I N C E N T, FKJ

Good vibes here. V I N C E N T is bubbly, endearing, ever-present, and understated. Throw it on at a bbq for good vibes, or to focus on a project. They album will catch you with nuance, and carry you through lazy days.

6. Changes, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

I can’t get over how how prolific their output is. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard released six albums in 2022, each one an auditory tour de force. It was an honest struggle between Changes and Omnium Gathering, but I feel Changes ultimately wins out due to the silky new pop sound they explored which lends a touch of accessibility.

7. Hell on Church Street, The Punch Brothers

One of the most unique sounds out there, the Punch Brothers never fail to deliver a soulful, narratively driven album that blends bluegrass and storytelling.

8. The Mars Volta, The Mars Volta

This caught me completely by surprise. New music from The Mars Volta? A self-titled from The Mars Volta?! Hell yes. Absolutely a more studio sound, something about it presents a dulled edge, but it still cuts plenty deep. A supremely enjoyable dip back into their sonic landscape.

9. moMINTs, Tobe Nwigwe

The most exciting hip-hop since Kendrick dropped _DAMN_. Tobe and Fat bring it on every verse.

10. Bronco, Orville Peck

The more I hear from Orville Peck, the more I want to hear from him. The man’s voice is instrumental in its own right, and his storytelling is masterful.

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