Mint thyself

This post was published 2023/06/05 & last updated 2023/11/03


Zora recently released HTML editions.

I get that NFTs are a somewhat polarizing topic, but at the end of the day you enjoy what you enjoy, and I think the technology behind them is neat. We’re early! Who knows what will be built on top of these patterns.

To that point, HTML editions. Or as Zora put it, Mint internet.

When you upload you file to Zora it is stored on IPFS, so it is decentralized and as close to permanent as most end users will care to get. If your content links out to any external libraries, you’ll be met with an error message. So get ready to bundle and CSS or JS you want to include.

When content is minted on Zora, you are provided with an optional iFrame you can use to showcase the mint on an external platform. But an iFrame is standard HTML… Do you see where I’m going with this?

I threw together a simple HTML page that wrapped the iframe, and did a test on Goerli. It’s not possible to know what the mint contract address will be for your collection ahead of time, but you can update your contents metadata. So once it had been minted, I was able to re-upload the HTML page with the correct contract address for the iFrame. And it worked!

So then it was off to mainnet. Zora, mint thyself is an open edition, available to anyone as long as there is interest. And fun fact: you can actually mint it from itself. It’s HTML all the way down.