ALCHEMICAL is an erc-721 contract on Rinkeby ALCHEMICAL has a contract address of: 0xfd9c95FfA733C8B4EA9E7ceDAD7FcCdC4eb04e1A ALCHEMICAL is a generative nft project that writes a unique bas64 encoded svg on chain using the Loot Project algo. Up to 8000 ALCHEMICAL Philtres can exist As with LOOT, the final 200 or so are reserved for the contract creator Philtres may be claimed by interacting with the contract on testnet ALCHEMICAL has no value ALCHEMICAL is not gated to LOOT holders Source: erc721/contracts/Alchemical.sol If you would like to know more about ALCHEMICAL, it is open source. Feel free to poke around.