Electric Dreams

Published: 3/15/2021

A growing collection of projects revolving around generative art using StyleGan, VQGAN+CLIP, and other open source ML projects.


The Hobbit


The models used to generate the StyleGan output were trained using sets of images from my back catalog.

Ocean Dreams

Ocean Dreams was trained using coastal images I shot across California, Baja, and Maui—primarily with a DJI Mavic Pro. This was the first ML model I trained using my images, and it captured my imagination.


Flower Dreams

The Flower Dreams model was trained using images I shot throughout my daughters first year. While we took our morning walks, and her awareness grew, she began to notice things. And as she looked up at the world with amazement, I found myself photographing the things that caught her eye.

With all the turmoil of COVID throughout 2020 it was an everpresent reminder to "look up" from time to time.