Onchain Analytics

This site features onchain analytics to track sessions and page counts. If you're interested, you can read more about the project here: iammatthias.com/posts/1712329304675-onchain-hit-counter.

How it Works:

Meta Details

Data collection began at block number 9501594 on Base-Sepolia. The contract is verified on BaseScan: 0xdAe71e132bC8598C1A08C00823Bec9041AeB4A26.

The Data


There have been unique sessions since the onchain analytics went live.

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Portraits of Private Keys

Our on-chain analytics generates unique keccak256 hashes for each session, and these hashes can also serve as valid private keys. The keys are transformed into generative art by using their hexadecimal characters as pseudo-random values. It is essential to note that since the hashes are public, they should never be used as actual private keys in the wild.

Click on a hash to view its corresponding portrait: